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Craig's knowledge of music is second to none, and when he started teaching with us a few years back we knew that the students would be getting the best possible tutoring available.

Craig is a professional musician with 25 years of playing, teaching and performing behind him. Craig has a light-hearted and passionate approach to teaching, and is enthusiastic about encouraging students to develop their skills and confidence.

Craig has played thousands of gigs over the years and he has toured extensively with tribute acts, cover bands and original bands.


Registered Guitar Examiner (RGT)

Guitar - Grade 8 (RGT)

Bass - Grade 8 (RGT)

Classical Guitar - Grade 8

Ukulele - Grade 8

Theory - Grade 8


Guitar (Classical/Electric/Acoustic)
Bass - Ukulele - Banjo - Saxophone - Drums
Music Theory - Theatre


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